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He gained fame in the mid 1990s and early 2000s as a teen idol.

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Fifty friends and family members attended the shower — including fellow Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson and A. Mc Lean — and guests were provided with a pack of bloom KIND baby wipes to take home with them. @nickcarter and @laurenkittcarter were tickled over our gluten free Red Wedding Red Velvet Cupcakes. ❤️ #nickandloshower #showerofthrones #babyiscoming #gameofthrones | Incredible event design and coordination by @staceyruizevents! A post shared by Sweet E's Bake Shop (@sweetesbakeshop) on “This is really that moment that I can celebrate, and have the realization that we’re just weeks away [from having a baby],” says Carter.Since their getting married, she says she doesn’t get as many threats, but she realizes it “comes with the territory.” Nonetheless, she was nervous to do the reality show because of some of the threats, telling Online Athens: I definitely was scared.I am private and I have a very small close-knit group of family and friends…I’m very sensitive and protective over them and so my worst fear was becoming vulnerable and exposing any of my family and friends to what I’ve experienced.I can take it and I chose to be with Nick and I chose this life and I can handle what is said about me and the attacks and threats.Seeing all the smoke and mirrors and the backstage stuff, I was so naive.

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