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He has also wrapped up filming two more movies - thriller City Of Dead Men, about an American traveling in South America, and mystery drama Pali Road, about a woman who wakes up after a car accident to find her life is entirely different.When he's not kept busy with his acting career the star holds a position on the honorary Board Of Directors at Little Kids Rock, an organization that provides under-privileged school children music lessons and instruments.JACKSON RATHBONE: In pre-production, Wonderland brought me in as a producer and actor, and we discussed a lot about what we wanted to do with the show. We wanted to do something new and innovative, and we talked a lot about the Facebook integration.But, we had to make the show first, and we had to find an amazing leading lady that would get all the boys riled up, so we asked Aimee Teegarden to come in and help us out with that.We shot with 7Ds and 5Ds, as the cameras we used, and we did it all in eight days, but it looks aesthetically like any show that would be on a network.Now, with the personalization integration, we have something that no one has ever done before. AIMEE TEEGARDEN: When I came on, the character was pretty developed, but it was really fun to shoot.You’ve each recently closed a big chapter in your lives, with wrapping.

What made you want to get involved with a web series?

With a look and feel equal to the quality of any TV show or big screen movie, this fully interactive web series certainly seems like a sign of things to come.

And, if all of that wasn’t tough enough, Nick is interested in Amanda ( star Aimee Teegarden), a cool rocker chick dating the captain of the school’s championship swim team.

[laughs] You see, it seems like that is the easier access point, as you want to make sure the baby is clean, but that’s also the access point where it could fire and projectile towards your body. in the morning…I am just in my boxers and it’s 4 a.m.

in the morning and it got on the wall, on me, on the carpet, and on him.

I think there’s a lot of really different, fun characters in this series, that a lot of people can relate to. He’s a really sweet guy that she starts to feel really safe and comfortable around, and that she feels she can tell all of her secrets because he’s not going to judge her. One thing that tortures Nick is that he’s literally out there, making it okay and saving her life and saving the lives of thousands of people, but at the end of the day, no one really knows he does it.

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