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The man is responsible for gaining status, a sense of enjoyment, skills in earning a living, sufficient wealth, and good looks.The Javanese have thought of these ideas for centuries,” said Kestity.The Jogja Hip Hop Foundation has even made raps out of them.In 2006, Dr Soewito Santoso and Kestity Pringgoharjono’s condensed English version of “The Centhini Story” was published.Cabolang’s journey goes wilder as he and his band learn about the Prambanan incest scandals, spend time with Mataram’s ronggengs (female trance dancers hired to sleep with other people’s husbands for good luck in the family) and Ponorogo’s jathils (cross-dressing gay dancers), have a homosexual affair with the regent of Wirosobo, and get arrested for sleeping with married aristocratic women.

Despite the fact that most Javanese commoners have never read Centhini, its verses permeated the folk’s culture through music and arts.

Legend has it that while lusting after a village beauty, King Joko pronounced a spell that caused his seed and her egg to fall to the ground, and the virtual union produced a dragon.

To gain the King’s acknowledgement, the dragon must defeat the White Crocodile of the South Ocean.

“And then there’s advice on selecting nutritious foods, and recipes for Javanese medicine.

It takes shelter, food, and clothing to make a home, and Centhini addresses them all.” For a work of fiction, Centhini has amazingly accurate geographical references.

Despite Centhini being an Islamic text, it refers to Hindu-Buddhist principles such as the four essentials: artha (gaining wealth), kama (worldly pleasure and harmony), dharma (practicing religious teachings and philanthropy), and moksha (liberation from worldly desires).

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