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They got engaged in 2012, on Theroux's 41st birthday.Jennifer Aniston is finally getting her happily ever after.

"He can do different looks and he just disappears." At the time, Theroux was in a longterm relationship with New York City-based stylist Heidi Bivens.But while Jolie my have thought this was the perfect act of vengeance against her estranged husband, the following tabloid cover makes it clear that Pitt will get the last laugh.Because he's trying to get back together with Jennifer Aniston!!!Although I believe this is a positive change, I am deeply saddened because I loved being married.It took me a long time to differentiate between giving up and letting go, and even longer to recognize when it was time to do so.And like his fans, friends and loved ones, he feels he never should have broken up with Jen 12 years ago. They seem as happy as any couple in Hollywood, actually.

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