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She was caressing his dick with her lips, lightly sucking, then pulling her mouth off and licking it, then back into her mouth, moaning the whole time.

He started shooting pre-cum and she was moaning and breathing heavy.

She was moaning and clearly having several orgasms.

In fact, I could tell she was getting sore, but was too afraid to ask for it to stop.

When I let her up, her face was gleaming with mycum and her spit. When Johnny came over, I called my mom out of her room. At first she seemed hesitant, but I looked her right in the eyes and let her know that I fucking owned her. She had not been fucked or licked since Jimmy was killed.

Eventually, after several hours of waffling, Buster got hard enough that she could suck his dick properly. She complied and I think she was happy to this time. His knot was out and she grabbed behind it and took him in her mouth.

She pulled his dick out of her mouth and he squirted on her face.

She kissed the end of his dick softly several times, then started licking and sucking. He started humping her hand and a thicker cum started coming out. Sticking his dick in her mouth and positioning herself to allow him to hump her face.

When she bends over, he starts fucking her and it is clear that she is cumming. But she does not move, she lets him have full control. I came once and enjoyed looking into my mother’s eyes while I did so. Since Johnny came quickly, I was left wanting more.

He is slamming her hips against his and burying that huge cock in her pussy. I called my mother over and told her to lick my pussy clean.

Jimmy tells her to open her mouth and again, she complies. She seems like a geisha, although I admit, I am not sure what they do…it is just my impression of what they do.

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