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That’s because of the illegal — but still practiced — sex-selective abortion of female fetuses.In Haryana, many families see daughters as a burden, especially economically.And last year, I returned to Haryana to meet them again, seven years later.An unlikely pairing Priya Kumar lives on the top floor of a building full of shops in the small Haryana town of Hansi, about 100 miles northwest of Delhi.When that guy knew about it, he got so worried and fearful and he told her he would commit suicide and he's not ready for anything and that nobody should know about it and he was willing to give money to the girl so she can can go back to her own country(they're in Dubai,by the way).I wonder how this guy have the guts to make out with her when he can't stand up for consequences of his actions. I think it's really among those who have never been outside of Kerala that are totally against it..But yes, even today Indians don't look into any other perspective. He wanted an abortion but I do not want to do it so I end up alone. I'm just thankful that I am highly educated and my finances are not a major problem to think about. He said he wasn't allowed interracial marriages and if ever he would be disowned, he knows he cannot survive without his parent's money. Come to Kochi (where I grew up) and you'll be in for a ride.

My cousin is married to a non-mallu, in fact to an American, and they are wonderful together and have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter.married for almost 7 years and are really cousin was not disowned and still part of the family.

By Sonia Narang Republished from PRI's The World In India, there are towns and villages with a drastically higher number of men compared to women.

The northern state of Haryana has the worst gender ratio in the country: 879 women for every 1000 men.

In short, there aren’t enough women in Haryana for men of age to marry.

So matchmakers have been setting up marriages with brides from other parts of the country.

It is true that some mallus will disown you, but those are the kind of mallus ppl usually dislike b/c they are too narrow-minded about everything..avoid them in all costs. We have to see our outlook to marrying a person from another country from the Indian perspective.

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