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Kindly follow the following procedure to create a DBContext.

LINQ introduces standard, easily-learned patterns for querying and updating data, and the technology can be extended to support potentially any kind of data store.Right-click on the Model folder and proceed as shown in the following screenshot: Choose "Visual C#" = "ADO.NET Entity Data Model" then provide the name as you need to (for example Northwind.edmx) as in the following: Click "Add" then a new window will appear as in the following: Select "Generate from database" and click "Next"; the following window will appear: Click on "New Connection" and fill in the required details as shown in the following image to connect with the server (in this for example I have used "local DB Server").We often use files in our projects to create xsd (XSD: XML Schema Definition, used to validate XML) schema.However, sometimes when we attempt to update the dataset the Visual Basic/ C-Sharp code behind the scene does not get updated i.e., dataset.or dataset.does not get updated.Now let's proceed further and get to the core topic to use Joins with Entity Framework.

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