Live wallpaper not updating


Microsoft has a knack for persistence in ensuring that any applications you download on the Windows OS meet their compatibility standards.

Some of you may be very thankful for that security measure and others may.... An alternative to Dream Scene is Video Wallpaper, which you can get by heading to the Video Wallpaper website and downloading the app.

Another option for users of the perennially popular Windows 7 and its less appreciated follow up is Stardock Desk Scapes.

This is a third party solution available for just .99, which also comes with a 30 day trial. Watch out for options to include other applications – you’ll probably want to skip this Recently I had cause to install some free video conversion software and was amazed to find so many attempts to fool me into installing additional software, not to mention attempts to upsell at the end....

Weatherback Weather Wallpaper is an Android app that instantly fills your screen with magical weather effects without dismantling the existing would not update the app itself (refresh sync or however you wana put it) so decided to uninstall the 4 apps, and now they will not work atall but the live tile will update for weather & bing.

You can then use any WMV or MPG video as the desktop background by right-clicking and selecting Set as Desktop Background.

In Windows Explorer, open File View and find the Hide extensions for known file types option, clearing the check box.

Click OK to confirm, and then switch back to the Explorer window where you should right-click Dream Scene and change the “chn” to “exe”, so the filename is now Dream Scene

Meanwhile, there are some who consider these backdrops to be nothing more than a gimmick, a pointless bit of eye candy.

As great as live wallpapers and other animated backgrounds are, however, they’re also a bit of a problem for many.

A small minimalistic widget showing current weather conditions through the use of UCCW app.

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