Lonely housewives dating

And that says a lot because there are some really shitty affair dating sites out there. You may or may not run into a Private Investigator on Lonely It would be a better experience than meeting the disgusting skanks that are real.

Take a look through the profiles on this site and you’ll be amazed at how many ugly ass women there are.

Anyway, the site is a joke and you shouldn’t sign-up for the following reasons… Unfortunately, there’s really nothing for us to share with you on this topic so we’ll just move on to the questionnaire… Just a bunch of average women that think they’re super hot. Question: What is the best advice you could give someone considering joining this cheater dating site? There are hundreds of thousands of people on there.

We conducted a short interview with the 2 guys that reviewed each cheater dating site. Question: What did you think of the women from a looks only standpoint? #1: If you absolutely must use Lonely Housewives.com, drink a lot of alcohol before going out on a date with one of the girls because she will drive you insane. #2: The only advice I can give is to stay far, far away from Lonely Question: How difficult is it to get laid on this site?

#1: It just depends on if you’re down for screwing an average woman with a bitchy attitude.

We wouldn’t marry any of the women on this site even if you held a gun to our heads. Our experience on this so-called dating site was as miserable of a time as we’ve had on any dating site.

The real women that to appear in search results tend to be SINGLE GIRLS.

This is bad because single girls really have nothing to lose, whereas a has much to loose.

If for some strange reason you do decide to join one of the bottom 10 sites, by all means, use that site. In every industry you always will encounter a few leaders that produce and a bunch of crappy replicas that leave much to be desired. While some of them look to be promising based on their name or site design, they simply leave you with nothing but you dick in your hand.

They are not legit, and you should avoid them all together. We highly suggest you stay away and not waste any time or money on them.

No way on earth would we recommend this disastrous cheater dating site to you.

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