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Woman is described by Shakspeare as " naturally bom to fean ; " and how these must have been em^ mented by the perils of a life, each act of whiohj in reference to her husband, was a hazardous enterprise, threatening not less her own safety, than that of her other fkr dearer self, must be fully realized before . Suffice it, that in this type of woman, Eponioa will, indeed, " outstrip all prois^ and make it halt behind her." That nothing might be wanting to intensify the pathos of her history, we find that, during her nine years' voluntary incarceistion, Eponina becamfl SPONIHA. This ctrcamstanc^ of courae, rendered de- tection ftlmost certain ; bnt, bj a read; stratagem, it was evaded, and the twin-sons, who first looked upon the vorld in tlie gloom of nnnatnral solitude, were educated by tbeir heroic mother, whose life had been perilled for their own.

These, she fondly hoped, would become additional promoters of her plea for her husband's pardon at the court of Vespasian ; bnt before she could carry out freah preparations in favour of Sabinoa, treachery or cupidity had done its work.

Again, therefore, was the iogenuity of the &ithful wife taxed to remove, ODce more, the weary prieo Der to the shelter of his subterraneous home.

Her hopes of obtuning A pardon through the influence of frieoda had turned out fallacious, and we may easily picture the heart- wrung anguish with which she retraced her steps to her husband's precarious asylum ; but when we read that for nine years afterwards, she continued her visits, and shared the gloom of an imprisonment her presence alone irradiated, we are lost in admiration of a fidelity so inexhaustible in its patience and unswerving in the self - sacrifice of its devotion.

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quest By a coincidence in which the Fates them- eelves teem to Btre Dgthen our appeal, tb U ia the first day vhei^ coming, as it were, &om a tomb, th^ behold the bud, and seek your pity to warm into life the emotio DB bo long buried in darkness and sor- row." Finding that, whilst all arouod were moved, the coaotenance of the emperor remained impasai Te, she redoubled her earnest prayers ; but in Tain.

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