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Higher levels of testosterone in utero, for example — as measured in long-term studies that took samples from pregnant women then followed their children from birth — are associated with offspring who are less empathetic but better at some mental skills later in life.

As you can imagine, this is a controversial area of science.

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Alice thinks apparent brain differences between the sexes have been exaggerated by how our culture treats boys and girls.

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Of course, we all have different skills and interests, but some are considered more typically male, and occur more commonly in men, while others are described as more typically female, and occur more commonly in women.

According to popular mythology, men tend to be more obsessed by things such as cars and obscure facts. This is the stuff of jokes and self-help books — but it is also shown to be true through science.

It can be quite subtle, but in men the ring finger (measured from the crease where it joins the hand) is likely to be longer than the index finger.

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