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I would like to say Italy's lovely but we never left her apartment.

One-off market research studies and culture surveys have been produced by a wide variety of other sources including some segments of the gaming press and other culture writers since the 1980s as well.For this reason, I'll speak on the topic with regards to straight couples, though the topic is universal.The Boy Toy/Older woman relationship isn’t anything new. While a Boy Toy can be present in both hetero and LGBT relationships, the resource I reached out to on the matter, Toyboy Warehouse dating site (one of the largest dating sites for older women and younger men) is a heterosexual dating website. Well the answer, you may be surprised to discover, is neither really a “boy” (technically) nor a “toy.” According to, Urban Dictionary a Boy Toy y, a Boy Toy is merely a “male used for sexual purposes.” Pretty simple, right?I had an older woman (an ex) who I used to go on vacation with a lot.

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