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At the time of the mammogram, she said, "I was told there was nothing, that it was fine." She never knew before her later cancer diagnosis that she had dense breast tissue."Had I been told I had dense tissue, it could have been caught and diagnosed two years before," Stevenson said.Pentecost was one of the great feasts in Israel, and was of mandatory observance.Rock's advice carried a mandatory note which was not lost upon his stay the New England persecutors was effectual in preventing further martyrdoms; but the colonial authorities, trusting in the remoteness of their situation, and perhaps in the supposed instability of the royal government, shortly renewed their severities in all other respects.

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But her doctors have told her, she said, that it was likely present when a mammogram cleared her two years earlier.

An earlier version of the bill also includes the following in the required warning: "You might benefit from additional professionally recognized forms of cancer screening examinations, depending on your personal risk factors and family history." An amendment deleting the phrase was approved earlier this week by the Senate Business and Labor Committee. Michael Kennedy, R-Alpine, both of them doctors, argued on the House floor at that time that the measure could incite anxiety and cause some to undergo prohibitively expensive procedures that are flawed.

Christensen this week promoted the new version as "broader for the discretion of the health care provider in consultation with the patient." The original iteration of HB258 narrowly cleared the House on Feb. A bill must reach 38 votes in order to pass the House. "Even with all (its) weaknesses, mammography is currently the only screening test for breast cancer that has evidence that it reduces deaths at all," Ward said then, adding that other types of screening "do not have evidence that they reduce the death rate." Christensen and a handful of others said during earlier House debate that the state needed to protect women's right to know about the limitations of their mammograms and to make their own health decisions based on that additional information.

As a former civics teacher and current high school principal, I fully support their goal and vigorously oppose their approach.

Solomont and Jennings explain that the bill is “heavily informed” by a recent report from Solomont’s colleagues at Tufts.

SALT LAKE CITY — Advocates adorned lawmakers with pink flower boutonnieres Thursday in celebration of the Senate's unanimous support of a bill requiring a warning from health care providers to women with dense breast tissue that they are at risk of a mammogram not finding their cancer. La Var Christensen, R-Draper, requires a statement accompanying a woman's mammogram results that such a characteristic "can make it more difficult to fully and accurately evaluate your mammogram and detect early signs of cancer in the breast." "This information is being provided to inform and encourage you to discuss your dense breast tissue and other breast cancer risk factors with your health care provider.

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