Mandating employee


This kinship among races is much stronger in African-Americans than any other race, which is understandable.

First acknowledged by Lyndon B Johnson’s attempt to help the African-American side of America’s economy (Katznelson 12).Johnson brought a sense of hope back to the poor and dissatisfied African-American community (Katznelson 12-13).Since World War II, the African-American economy was already on a downgrade (Katznelson 14).Johnson claimed that blacks were trapped in an "in inherited, gateless poverty" (Katznelson 17)."Unfortunately, racial discrimination has contributed historically to blacks having lower incomes than whites" (Sowell 118).The Civil Rights Act accomplished many things within itself, including giving a solid definition of the word "discrimination" as any intentional separation between one employee and other employees, prohibiting quotas and group preferences, and most importantly, mandating equal rights for individuals (Sowell 122).

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