Mandating health in schools

It’s official: Home-school athletes can begin playing Alabama high school sports.The AHSAA Legislative Council approved a new measure today allowing home-school, charter school and virtual school students to play high school sports at the public school for which they are zoned.Neither could 14-year-old Kai Manley, another eighth-grader. Just as evolving threats have exposed weaknesses in airline security, new shootings serve as an alert to potential failures in school security.The new tasks and precautions that might prevent a violent incident also place a significant burden on staff, Georgetown County schools Superintendent Randy Dozier said.

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They're just one of many added precautions that gain new attention each time a shooting happens.

The AHSAA Legislative Council, made up of 32 members, considers proposals for by-law and constitutional changes on an annual basis.

It takes a two-thirds majority of the 32 Legislative Council members for a proposal to pass.

"So when we look at having buzz-in and buzz-out layers, we want to have multiple layers of doors that people have to pass through."Students have reported more security measures at their schools since the 1999 attack on Columbine High School in Colorado, then the nation's worst high school shooting, according to a report on school crime and safety from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Students who noted the use of security guards or police officers at secondary schools rose from 54.1 percent in 1999 to 69.5 percent in 2015; security cameras at school jumped from 38.5 percent in 2001 to 82.5 percent in 2015.

ON THE WEB: Complete guidelines “A lot of time and thought have gone into developing this important legislation,” AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese said. This will give our outstanding coaches an opportunity to make a positive difference in even more students’ lives.” The Legislative Council approved several other proposals today, but the home-school by-law is the most notable.

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