Mandating physical


Our Final EIS includes a Preferred Alternative for implementing MHA in multifamily and commercial zones, urban villages, and urban village expansions studied during the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan process.

In November 2017, the Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) published a Final EIS for citywide MHA implementation.

MHA will ensure that we harness new market-rate development to produce needed housing for our low-income households - such as seniors, artists, and working families.

Creating more rent- and income-restricted housing is critical to combatting residential displacement across the city.

By putting in place new affordability requirements at the same time as rezones to allow more housing capacity, MHA uses a state-sponsored approach that has been used in other Washington cities.

In high-demand cities like Seattle, creating new housing choices -- especially those affordable to low- and moderate-income households -- is an essential citywide housing affordability strategy.

Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) is a new policy to ensure that growth brings affordability.

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