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We're proposing amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan in parallel with MHA implementation in urban villages throughout the city.

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Creating more rent- and income-restricted housing is critical to combatting residential displacement across the city.The Final EIS included a Preferred Alternative for MHA implementation, supplemental analysis on topics including racial equity and public school enrollment, and responses to approximately 800 comments we received on the Draft EIS.This state-required EIS process examined various impacts of alternatives for MHA implementation and proposed mitigation measures.Our Final EIS includes a Preferred Alternative for implementing MHA in multifamily and commercial zones, urban villages, and urban village expansions studied during the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan process.To review the proposed legislation, the City Council formed Committee of the Whole so that all Councilmembers can review the MHA legislation in committee.Review a description of the 2017-18 Comprehensive Plan amendments for MHA implementation and visit our Comprehensive Plan page for more information. We have heard a wide range of views and captured those perspectives in our Summary of Community Input (22 mb).

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