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Comparisons with published data suggest a contemporaneous acceleration in uplift occurred throughout the Peninsula, with higher rates of mean uplift observed after 480 ka.

A second, even more rapid period of uplift occurred sometime within the last 200 ka, most likely 40 ka ago.

Periods of uplift reaching rates of 0.60 ± 0.06 m/ka over the last ∼480 ka are recorded on one block, a value that is several-fold higher than is typical for the north Chilean coastline.

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The Mejillones Peninsula is thought to have one of the highest rates of tectonic uplift along the active convergent margin of northern Chile.

We use exposure age dating from a flight of well-preserved marine terraces to determine the long-term tectonic history of the northern part of the Peninsula.

The Marines were killed in Afghanistan in an insider attack on Aug. (Photo by Kristen Wong/ Marine Corps) It was one of the most shocking insider attacks in the war in Afghanistan: Four U. Marines were cut down in a hail of gunfire while working out in a base gym in Helmand province on Aug. The ambush killed three of them, while a fourth sustained five gunshot wounds and survived. Buckley’s father, Gregory Sr., expressed interestin traveling to Afghanistan to see the trial and was promised he would have assistance to do so, said Michael J. The family pushed the Marine Corps for details as the investigation slowly proceeded, he added.

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