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It's all very abstract compared with nuts and bolts.

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The film was an international sensation, and in its slipstream the fictional act became real, touring the UK and America to packed houses. So he grew a beard, and refocused his sights on The Frames.The leads' on-screen love affair followed off-screen, and the following year the doomed sweethearts (they would split up shortly after) won Best Song at the Oscars for the track 'Falling Slowly'.Hansard's acceptance speech, made immortal on You Tube, is the very definition of incredulous disbelief."He knew I had a brain, just that I wasn't engaging it." The headmaster encouraged him to leave school."He told me to go and busk; he guaranteed me that, while I might not become a rock star, if I stuck at it, I'd likely make a living from it.I've done a few things, but not enough to allow them to go out on a bender, you know? And if I am remembered for that one song, well, there are worse fates…" Still, he stopped playing 'Falling Slowly' altogether at concerts - not entirely sick of it, but in no hurry to revisit it. But then Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder invited him on tour, and insisted they sing it together nightly.

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