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Hence, we never pre-tested the DAT files; frankly, we never had a reason to suspect our vendor's quality assurance process would be lacking, as we had never had a problem in our multi-year history with this vendor.

It was late on a Friday afternoon, however, when I got a frantic call from our service delivery manager saying that the company "was under attack" and that I needed to be at the incident response area ASAP.

However, learning from such events can help you be better prepared should any sort of major network outage occur. Hayden (Ernie), CISSP, CEH, is the founder and owner of 443 Consulting, LLC, an enterprise focused on providing quality thought leadership in the areas of information security, cybercrime/cyberwarfare, business continuity/disaster recovery planning, and research.In fact, that very scenario played out in many IT departments just recently.During the week of April 19th, a bad DAT file update from Mc Afee Inc.It completely ignores any sort of schedule and the updates continue even if I turn them off.I didn't find much of this problem when I looked it up, but someone did say that it is possible that a virus has attached itself to my mcafee. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and that didn't help.Comcast users should go to

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