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They are able to communicate their wants and needs more effectively.

Methyl-B12 improves their ability to stay on task and the ability to follow more complex commands.

Interests are widened, the children become more inquisitive and they try new things.

They become more self confident, opinionated, and their need to be independent is heightened.

In summary what I can do is assure you that if you do what the average parents that have gone before you have done for their children, then your child will also progress... James Neubrander accidentally discovered that the methyl form of the B12 family—“methyl-B12”— greatly helps children on the autism spectrum when used correctly.

His protocols are now used by thousands of practitioners worldwide and parents universally say that methyl-B12 is one of the best treatments they have for their child...

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Since that child presented to me in the mid ’90s I have now seen approximately 4000 other children, either on the autism spectrum or children with some other type of developmental delay.

Methyl-B12 is known to increase eye contact, focus, attention, awareness, comprehension, and the ability to understand abstract ideas and concepts.

The children become more tolerant of change, transition much more easily, and become more flexible.

Therefore you are not looking for more work to do by filling out a bunch of paperwork whenever we meet.

However, there is no way that I can take your child to his or her full potential if I do not get the information I need whenever we meet.

It helps with imaginative play, imitation skills, and engagement with others.

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