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He successfully saves Aria He came to fix Emily Fields' phone so that she could call Maya St. He could tell Emily is desperate, so he charges her an extra 40 bucks for a rush job.

Hanna and Emily pick up her phone, and Caleb cryptically tells Hanna that while he may not know much about her, she doesn't know much about herself either.

Caleb has come up with an idea for what he would like Hanna to do to repay him: date him in order to up his credibility at school.

Eventually, Aria and Hanna realize that their pursuer is Caleb, who has been sleeping at the school, having been abandoned by both his biological and foster parents.

Hanna walks into the bathroom to grab her mascara while Caleb is showering.At detention, Hanna finds the company in none other than Caleb.While joking around with her, Caleb learns that Hanna is trying to prevent Ella from driving Philadelphia.Caleb is open to reuniting with Claudia for a visit when she extends the offer to him in Season 2.Living in foster care and his relationship with Hanna has greatly changed Caleb's outlook on the future.Caleb takes the liberty of opening the door and greeting "James Leland".

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