Men with kids dating single women younger guy dating older men


Singles with no children: are they lonely, depressed, and alone in later life?Among the most popular scare stories about single people with no children is that they will grow old alone: miserable, lonely, and with no one there for them when they are most in need.Friends, of course, but only to some extent - and I would need more friends than I have today too.

My friends with kids either can't understand that or are jealous and refuse to admit that they regret their choice to procreate.There are, of course, singles with no children who are lonely, depressed, and alone, just as there are married people and parents who fit that description.Their experiences are consequential and deserving of attention.In fact, in a study of older people (mean age 72) of different marital statuses, no group described lower levels of emotional loneliness (the absence of intimacy or closeness) than the women who had always been single (Dykstra & de Jong Gierveld, 2004).It is also untrue that single people with no children are especially likely to be depressed in later life.But recently I've been thinking about the future and how I should fill my days doing "stuff" when I have so much spare time?

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