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From a distance, everything looks just as it should.The teeny, white-washed Agios Ioannis chapel is perched 202 steps up a winding path on top of a rocky outcrop that juts into the sea.'It was a bit disappointing at first,' says Diana Staveley, 40.'In the film, they arrived at a pretty bay in a tiny boat, but we came on a giant ferry into the port and there were people everywhere.' While increased custom - even by Abba fans - sounds like good news, it's had a big effect on the island's much-prized tranquillity.

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Prices have shot up in the bars, tavernas and even supermarkets.fans on to the quayside in picturesque Skopelos town, often in full song.Until they realise it's not quite as it was on the big screen.Despite the fact Skopelos can be reached only by a choppy 50-minute ferry ride from the airport in Skiathos, visitor numbers have skyrocketed.Hotels have been booked up months in advance, the bars and restaurants are buzzing and every couple of hours an enormous ferry disgorges another batch of Mamma Mia!-style in the minuscule church on the hill - only to discover it's off limits unless you happen to be Greek Orthodox.

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