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-style in the minuscule church on the hill - only to discover it's off limits unless you happen to be Greek Orthodox.

Instead, they're tying the knot in the town hall, on one of the beaches or on a yacht and then diving into the clear blue water in their wedding finery.

They get disappointed that they can't drink in the beach bar and jump off the jetty [which were built specially for the film].And she was upset when we didn't play it during the trip.' And music?'The moment you put on the soundtrack, everyone starts dancing, so thank God the engine makes the CD slip so we can play it only when the boat stops.'They must have used a film set for the inside.' Even the visitors' book is brimming with disappointment. trail - the church, the bay where the cast danced on the jetty, the trees where Sophie enjoyed a picnic with her three 'fathers'. - we don't want our island to change because of a film,' says mayor Hristos Vasiloudis, who is sitting in his sunny office in a pink, short-sleeved shirt and jeans.'We have culture, architecture, ancient history and pride.Despite the fact Skopelos can be reached only by a choppy 50-minute ferry ride from the airport in Skiathos, visitor numbers have skyrocketed.

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