Modern female dating anxiety dating websites single parents uk


In Betty Friedan's time, we were having our nineteenth nervous breakdown and gulping down mother's little helpers to fend off the claustrophobia of limited choices.

This study investigates problematic Internet use among young adult university students and examines correlation between problematic Internet use and loneliness and dating anxiety.A lot of jabber has been jawed over the years about women's anxiety.Most recently gals are said to be stressed-out by the pressures of leaning in and having it all.The Internet, an important modern means of obtaining information and establishing communication with others, has become an increasingly essential element of human life.Although Internet use makes life easier, it can become problematic in the event of non-functional use."He doesn't intend to hurt anyone, least of all his beloved. But he is toxic, and merely by yielding to his affection he draws an innocent into the zone of pollution….

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