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“From the time they were selected until they went to Mombasa, Academy staff were in contact with them six days a week and preparing them for the move,” says Bradley.Academically, Batada – with the support of Lycée staff and the Aga Khan Education Service in Tajikistan – helped the students complete a number of learning exercises after normal school hours throughout the months-long orientation.She now thinks “everything is perfect” – though she says she would have packed a far smaller winter wardrobe if she had to do the move all over again According to Craig Bradley, a senior manager with the Academies Unit, this international exchange could be the start of a much larger initiative.Offering high-quality educational opportunities and accommodation to the brightest students will allow them to bring new experiences, knowledge and leadership skills back to their home communities.

This pen-pal correspondence actually took place over video – Batada helped the Tajik students record 30-second greetings, saved them on a DVD and mailed it to the Academy.Indeed, when the entire network of 18 Aga Khan Academies – spanning Africa and the Middle East to South and Central Asia – is eventually completed, it's not hard to imagine their student bodies enjoying unrivalled study-abroad opportunities at sister schools.Although the Academy in Mombasa has been open for several years, dormitory construction is only now being completed.It was part of a larger orientation programme they were required to participate in, ensuring they would hit the ground running in Mombasa.Orientation activities also included setting up email accounts – they quickly started emailing their future classmates and learning about Internet safety.For example, they discussed the issue of homesickness and talked about ways to prepare for such a life-changing experience.

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