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Facebook’s feed fetcher, by itself, accounted for 4.4 percent of all website traffic, according to the report—which is perhaps stunning, but not altogether surprising.Facebook is a behemoth, and its bot traffic illustrates as much.Not only that, but harmful bots have the edge over helper bots, which were responsible for 29 percent and 23 percent of all web traffic, respectively.“The most alarming statistic in this report is also the most persistent trend it observes,” writes Igal Zeifman, Imperva’s marketing director, in a blog post about the research.“For the past five years, every third website visitor was an attack bot.”Put another way: More than 94 percent of the 100,000 domains included in the report experienced at least one bot attack over the 90-day period in Imperva’s study.Overall, Feed fetchers accounted for more than 12 percent of web traffic last year.

They are the worker bees of the internet, and also the henchmen. For instance, if you were translating from French to English in your previous session, you will see the following. To see your current translation language setting, type TBot lang. If you want to list all the TBot commands, you can type TBot ? Please note that this is to set up the language for your user interface, not for your translation language(s). Once the source and the target languages got selected, you're ready to translate. Here is a snapshot for TBot translating from English to Japanese. Now if you want to change your language pairs, you can just type TBot change, and do #3 and #4 above. How to use TBot set One of the TBot commands is TBot set.Tbot is an automated buddy that provides translations for Windows Live Messenger.

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