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These tales cover the processes involved in the unfolding of life on Earth.

Enormously rich and diverse, they incorporate the results of recent research which uses the study of DNA to give some startling insights into evolutionary history.

As we travel down the path of time, we meet up with other bands of pilgrims with whom we share a common ancestor.

Onwards we go, squeezing precariously through mass extinctions, meeting increasingly distant common ancestors.

Apprentice or master, Yan's contribution has been so great that, for certain tales, I have insisted on adding his name as joint author.

When Yan left to cycle across Patagonia, the book in its final stages benefited greatly from Sam Turvey's extraordinary knowledge of zoology and his conscientious care in deploying it.

ALLEN ORR, be Mowed to the motor coach excursions to local beauty spots; forget your fancy visual aids and radio microphones; the only thing that really matters at a conference is that John Maynard Smith must be in residence and there must be a spacious, convivial bar.

he brings beautiful clarity to the most difficult scientific concepts yet does so in a style akin to that of fine literature’ IRISH TIMES ‘Some things warrant attention simply by existing: if a previously unknown Bach partita is discovered, it is likely worth hearing.

The fundamental unifying principle of evolution underlies every tale, and binds them together into this unique history — our history, and that of all living things.

Central to this book is the tracing of our ancestors and our connections with other living creatures.

Her grasp of the big picture simultaneously with the details, her encyclopaedic knowledge, her love of science and her selfless devotion to promoting it have benefited me, and this book, in more ways than I can count.

Others at the publishers helped greatly, but Jennie Condell and the designer, Ken Wilson, went beyond the call of duty.

My research assistant Yan Wong has been intimately involved at every stage of the planning, researching and writing of the book.

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