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If, here, I have gratefully assumed the role of apprentice, it could be said that he was my apprentice before I was his, for I was his tutor at New College.He then did his doctorate under the supervision of Alan Grafen, once my own graduate student, so I suppose Yan could be called my grandstudent as well as my student.Eventually we pass that fundamental turning point for life on Earth, the combining of a single-celled protozoan-to-be with a bacterium to form a cell with a nucleus.Once we have done so, all living things take the final stretch of the pilgrimage together to the origin of life.Whether you agree with him or not, you are never unsure of his meaning and his writing is, in places, stunning ...As for the surprises, the biggest is Dawkins's breadth ...’ a world-renowned evolutionary biologist and author.He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and holds the Charles Simonyi Chair of Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University.

he brings beautiful clarity to the most difficult scientific concepts yet does so in a style akin to that of fine literature’ IRISH TIMES ‘Some things warrant attention simply by existing: if a previously unknown Bach partita is discovered, it is likely worth hearing.My research assistant Yan Wong has been intimately involved at every stage of the planning, researching and writing of the book.His resourcefulness and detailed familiarity with modern biology have been matched only by his green fingers with computers.ALLEN ORR, be Mowed to the motor coach excursions to local beauty spots; forget your fancy visual aids and radio microphones; the only thing that really matters at a conference is that John Maynard Smith must be in residence and there must be a spacious, convivial bar.If he can't manage the dates you have in mind, you must just reschedule the conference...This is the majestic narrative that holds together this remarkable book.

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