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Special food and bride’s favorite dishes are cooked to pamper her. The bridal lehenga or the wedding outfit is chosen by the mother in law and is presented to the bride along with jewelry, perfume, dates, and fruits.

Now there pre-marriage rituals are in full force at the bride’s place.

Mehndi ceremony is one of the most exciting ceremonies in the Muslim Wedding.Muslims in India and Pakistan conduct the wedding as per the wedding rituals in Middle Eastern countries.Muslim wedding rituals or Nikaah rituals can be broadly divided in three categories, namely pre-marriage rituals, the wedding ceremony and the post marriage rituals.In a islamic wedding the most important thing is the Nikah ceremony. But if we look at how Islam considers marriages to be like, then we would be surprised to see that real islam marriage is simple and humble.Source: Pre-marriage rituals are conducted separately in the bride and the groom’s house.During this ceremony, the family members of the bride revel in music, song and dance.

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