Muslim dating rituals


Muslim weddings are conducted as per Islamic traditions.Pre-marriage rituals may differ slightly in different countries.This coin is tied to the bride’s arm and it signifies the marking of the bride as the future daughter-in-law. Imam-E-Zamin is similar to the shagun ceremony in the Indian weddings.Few days after Imam-Zamin, the date of Mangni or the engagement is fixed.Many traditional Muslim families believe that the darker the shade of henna on the bride’s hand, happier is her married life.Muslim brides do not step out of their house after the Mehndi ceremony until the day of their wedding.

In the days to come, bride is pampered by her friends and relatives.Before starting separate rituals in the bridge and the groom’s house, the Maulvi or the religious head seeks permission from the Almighty to perform the wedding. Ishtikara is usually held in the mosque, in presence of the respective fathers of the bride and the groom and other senior members of the family.After reciting, the verses from holy Quran and seeking the permission from Almighty, the Maulvi and the father of the bride and the father of the groom have a consensus on the marriage date.The traditional Islamic marriage is really simple and is without extravagance.There is no Mehndi carnival or singing or dancing in a real Islamic wedding. Most of the Muslims spend a lot of money on the wedding decorations, food, dresses and gifts and the wedding itself.During this ceremony, the family members of the bride revel in music, song and dance.

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