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The other I think should have the sequence from the matrix where he is offered the blue or red pill. 'if your willing to head down the rabbit hole then visit 4 chan pol, link in the description.It's possible because we've never had to deal with poverty.Also if it's any consolation, I also went to Sweden and you are at least not as fucked as they are55478076Speak for yourself you fucking idiot, no I won't bring them into my house.You can house the disgruntled, bloodthirsty Islamic extremists in your house.

Reminder that cripplechan is filled with teenage kkk wannabes and the literal dreg of society that make the average retard here seem like an idiot savant.55481183und das ist genau der Grund warum ich gegen die deutsche Außenpolitik kämpfen werde!One without the pol references and without a comment section.This one can be spread around to friends more easily without fear of being ostracised.But that doesn't mean we won't find another völkisch/ethnocentrist ideology that gives us the kick in the ass to get everything in order again. We may be sleeping but don't mistake us for being dead.55480106Tell him that of course it is biased but that the media he consumes are also biased.55479125National Socialism died, German Ordnung didn't. To prove it, ask him how many women and children refugees are shown in the mainstream media compared to the images in the video. Can we, the society honestly do ANYTHING that will make a difference?If we realise we've been fucked over on this scale, we'll rip everything and everyone to shreds again, but this time, really thoroughly.

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