Mystery method of dating


Mystery, and others, have since published updated versions of the method - see below for details.At its time of publication this book described a highly innovative and groundbreaking approach to dating and pick up that was unique in the market.I bought the DVD Mind of Mystery when it came out, that wasn't so good and I was a bit pissed at Mystery.The great thing with this book is you get 95% of mystery method for a very cheap price.The book describes many of Mystery's well known innovations that are being used today by thousands of guys worldwide.The most well recognized of these are the 'neg', and 'group theory'.

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It is a challenge to implement for a number of reasons. It requires a significant time investment in going out to bars and clubs to practice the techniques 'in field'. It's intricacy means that it requires more practice than other approaches to get good at it and make it effective for you.

In reality there are no real downfalls of this product, it is a solid product. This version is nearly 10 years old now so is missing all the improvements and refinements that have been added since.

If you are really focused on price, this is the cheapest option in "Mystery Method" books and courses.

The Good: Mystery did the first step in the rise of pickup.

He tried to give a general overview about seduction.

Depending on your style, one of these evolutions is likely to fit you better than the others: Mehow's 3SSA 2.0, Venusian Arts' Revelation or Love Systems' Magic Bullets. It is not easy to implement and requires a lot of effort.

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