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Well, I noticed that most of the rotten apples in the BDSM community are those who don't make a clear distinction between real and imaginary.The subject of the following poser drawing looks so much like someone I know.It took more than 500 years for the Christianity to ossify into the intolerant dogma of the Inquisition age and its clothing stance.I will send the cost of a case of 24 beers, the brand of your choice to anyone who can find such reference.Joanne was shown ALIVE nude (not a burnt charred corpse) Joanne d'Arc was a fascinating figure after all and the 'founding father' for the Hexagon so there are hundreds of books that satisfy the material source criterion.

OK, maybe there won't be a Milgram 4, but if there is perhaps they'd alter the procedure a bit.

There's absolutely nothing done with a DVD that can't be replicated and probably to better effect with a simple movie file on the computer.

He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, so I don't know if he's still active.

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But the French inch of the times was actually longer than the British inch, thus making him, in reality 5'7"....average for a Frenchman of the times.

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