Natalie standiford dating game 4 ex rating dating game

We're always trying to figure out what boys are thinking. Mary: And you don't think boys are doing the same thing? Holly: And we just started a new feature called "XRating." Mads: Lina came up with the idea when a friend of hers tried to fix her up with one of her exes. Mads: That way, when a new girl goes out with him, it's like he has a seal of approval-from his ex-girlfriend. Mads: But we try to keep it positive, so it won't turn into a venge-fest. Mads: I was shocked at first by how many nonvirgins there are in our school. Mads: People think of us as good girls, but if only they knew! Lina: Your parents will lock you in your room until you're thirty. and who's still a virgin and who's not, and who's lying about it. Some people think they're a hunter, but when you look at their behavior, they're total roadkill. Holly: You can write a profile of him, vouching for him, saying what he's like as a boyfriend, what his good points are and what kind of girl you think would be good for him. You can use "X-Rating" to warn people about someone, too. Holly: But I think a lot of them were exaggerating. Mads: Then I got used to the idea, and it stopped shocking me. Mads: Yeah, like how some boys just want to hook up but they don't really care about you as a person. [the girls laugh] Holly: I don't know if we should say it on the air. Mads: She pretends to be sensible, but she's done some wild things- Holly: Mads, you're the craziest one of us all, so you'd better stop talking or we'll tell all your secrets.

When a controversy erupts after exes begin rating each other, the Dating Game is banned from the school's computers. When a controversy erupts after exes begin rating each other, the Dating Game is banned from the school's computers.But Mads, Lina, and Holly aren't giving up without a fight. She was hoping to catch us saying something super-dumb on live radio." "I think she'll be disappointed," Holly said. C., a pet-psychiatrist/playwright, was eccentric and creative and earthy but had the fierce maternal instincts of a she-wolf. "You all sounded very articulate, and, um, lively-" "Like you were really having a good time in the studio," Russell said. Sex isn't on their minds-it's somewhere else on their bodies. " It helps you figure out if you're more of a hunter or a prey. Say you're still friends with your ex-boyfriend and you think he'd be great for some girl- Lina: Just not you- Mads: For whatever reason, like maybe you're a vegetarian and he's not, but you still think he's a good person, for a carnivore. Lina: I'm still surprised by how mean some people can be. Like that time at Sean's party- Holly: Mads, don't say it! Mads: And Lina-I mean, she seems so sweet, but she's done some of the craziest stuff- Lina: Mads, stop it! I won't name names, but one time she liked this guy so much, she hid in his bedroom closet [sound muffled because Lina has clapped her hand over Mads' mouth]- Mary: What about you, Holly? We'll have to have you back again to give us more insights into the sex lives of America's teens.

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