Naughty sext chat script


As soon as you start whispering, in all probability, your partner too will start emulating your voice and they’d start whispering too *even if they don’t realize it!

* Always remember to be patient and make sure both of you have at least an hour of alone time without any interruptions.

If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of having phone sex with your lover because the whole idea seems awkward, start by texting naughty.

And just when things start to heat up, call your lover up and continue the conversation over the phone.

[Read: 20 sexy naughty text messages to initiate phone sex] Why should you have phone sex when you can just have sex instead? If you have sex in the same missionary position for a few years without talking dirty or fantasizing in bed, sex can definitely start to feel like a chore that’s best avoided.

Why is making out in public or groping each other in a car more exciting?

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Talking over the phone late at night will make the conversation feel a lot sexier and naughtier naturally.

If you’ve got the time, cancel call waiting before you call your lover up.

Or just speak late in the night when you aren’t expecting any calls.

You don’t need to tell your partner you want to have phone sex and put pressure on them to initiate a sexy conversation.

Just speak normally in a soft, low voice and the rest will follow.

Well, that’s because our mind craves for new sexual experiences that can heighten the arousal all the time.

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