Navajo dating

Individuals have considerable freedom in disposal of these, although it is always expected that a woman will leave most of her personal property to her daughters and that a man will leave much of his property to his sister's children. Children were and are raised permissively, and there is a marked respect for the personal integrity even of very young children.The main sanctioning punishments are shaming and ridicule.Hello Lynne, The customs of different Native Cultures are all different.As far as death customs with the Apache, the name of the deceased person shouldn't be used, as they believe this summons the dead person.

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I feel awkward and rather stupid when I enter tribal lands and do not have the knowledge of what constitutes good manners. The best answer I have received is "Speak to the governor of the Pueblo." This is a big state with many nations.

I know that this is not an ideal match and that it flies in the face of tradition , but they are both educated and intelligent people and seem to care and work well together.

I ask as a father and am genuinely concerned for both of these people as they do not seek council from any Elder .

Thanking you in advance , Bill Mowery/ Father Traditionally, a navajo man marrying a white women is acceptable in Navajo culture.

As far as Navajo women are concerned its a higher standard because of the matriarchal blood line. As far as what I've heard an Elder say about divorce is that back then divorce was handled simply by packing up and moving out.

Navajo marriages are the result of economic arrangements between kin groups.

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