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When police harassment and imprisonment failed to deter the monks, all of whom were Newars, they were deported.

Among the charges made against them were preaching a new faith, converting Hindus, encouraging women to renounce and thereby undermining family life and writing books in Newari.

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They were at the forefront of a movement to revive Theravada Buddhism, which had disappeared from the country more than five hundred years ago.The banishment of Buddhist monks from Nepal was part of a government campaign to suppress the resurgence of Theravada Buddhism in Nepal in the early decades of the 20th century.There were two deportations of monks from Kathmandu, in 19.In 1944, another group of eight monks were sent into exile.Their Dharma names were Pragyananda Mahasthavir, Dhammalok Mahasthavir, Subhodhananda, Pragyarashmi, Pragyarasa, Ratnajyoti, Agga Dhamma and Kumar Kashyap Mahasthavir.When they refused, they were ordered out of the country.

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