Never stop dating her book


The Rules require you to be a passive participant in the dating game, which, for someone like me who never likes to sit and wait for things to magically happen, is pretty hard to do.

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It was a little salesy -- the writers seemed to be selling their consulting services.

If you're always available or accessible, spending time with you has little value because it's something that can be acquired on demand. How do you get past the lack of authenticity that's innate in calculating your every step, like purposely waiting two hours to respond to a text message?

The Rules are essentially telling women to play hard to get both at the outset of and during a relationship.

It's a retelling of the biblical story of Hosea who married a prostitute and kept forgiving her and bringing her back home despite her constant affairs.

The book paints a very moving picture of what unconditional love could look like.

My thought: There are a total of 31 rules in the book and they are each explained in detail with real-life anecdotes sprinkled in.

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