Nice dating place kl


We’ll then take a look around and see if there is anywhere we like better, but mostly we end up booking online for a better price. Start your search with Hotels Combined , they are an online comparison engine and check multiple big name sites to find you the best possible deal for your dates.

Hotels Combined does not check Agoda and as they are the Asia specialists, it’s always best to check them too.

There is an excellent travel clinic linked to the hospital of tropical medicine.

Our Thailand Travel Blog and Guide page pulls all of our best Thailand travel information together, you’ll find travel advice for couples and singles here too, not just families.

You’ll see that accommodation is very affordable in Thailand.

We also now have a full post on recommended family accommodation in Bangkok, at all price points.

Agoda are based in Asia so have more variety and often score better deals.

If you’d like to book a refundable deal, maybe a long time in advance, are probably your best bet. Do you want a hostel, guest house, hotel or apartment? Do you need breakfast, air-con, TV and room service? Our recent experience is in family travel, so that’s what we’ll focus on here.

We are not sponsored by any of the hotels below, these are honest recommendations, but you’ll get an idea of what to expect and what you’ll pay per night.

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