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Whenever you surf the web on your computer, you leave bits of information on your browser that can be easily obtained with just a few clicks.

Anyone with minimal knowledge of computers and the Internet can quickly find out the sites you visited, the emails you’ve sent and lots of other vital information.

To avoid this from occurring and resulting in discovery of your action, consider signing up for a new credit card to pay for the adult dating service fee.

To further reduce the likelihood of the bill with the unusual charge appearing in your mailbox, obtain a post office box and use that as the mailing address for the credit card bills.

The idea for most people who are in an existing relationship but want to explore the possibility of a different sexual relationship through adult dating websites is to remain discreet but send out word that they are interested in a relationship.

Some sites may sell your personal information to other third-party groups, which can result in strange emails or even messages and notes sent in the mail to your home.

Read the privacy policy carefully and know information can and can’t be sent and what information they can and can’t share with others.

Next, find the tab labeled “cookies” and clear this as well.

Cookies contain information about the sites you’ve visited as well, which can provide someone with information that you probably don’t want them to have.

Suddenly moving your computer to another, less trafficked part of the house or attempting to quickly shut down the computer when someone approaches are two of the many signs that something secretive is going on and the computer is the key.

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