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She was beaming and beautiful, and when I asked her how she felt, she said, “Excellent!

” (If you are interested in following Kiki’s progress, please contact Dottie Laster at [email protected]) —July 23, 2010 that Kamchana doesn’t remember.

In 2005 police brought down Maximino “El Chimino” Mondragon, who ran one of the nation’s largest sex-trafficking rings, in which young women from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mondragon’s native El Salvador were forced to work as prostitutes. In their scheme, another man, Gerardo “El Gallo” Salazar, would entice young girls from Mexican towns to come to Houston on promises of romance and then enslave them in cantinas run by David Salazar and Salgado.

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There, Kiki will get therapy as well as help finding a job and creating a new life for herself.

Few can imagine that slaves are brought into the U. to work in restaurants, factories, and sexually oriented businesses (SOBs to those in the know).

In fact, across the country, tens of thousands of people are being held captive today.

It’s also a place with an enormous appetite for and tolerance of commercial sex: From the days of the first oil boom, the city has drawn single men who’ve left smaller towns and poorer countries in search of work and then quick and easy companionship.

It is impossible to know exactly how many women are currently sex slaves in Houston.

The front windows were usually blacked out, and there was often an ATM in the tiny lobby, which was furnished with cheap, overstuffed sofas where the women sat, their arms and legs crossed, dressed in lingerie or bikinis, waiting for customers.

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