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Right now, however, any future Post-Darwinian Era of paradise-engineering can seem an awfully long way off.

Mainstream society today has a desperately underdeveloped conception of mental health.

The disincentives to intellectual integrity could scarcely be greater; and they are cloaked in such reputable disguise.

By way of illustration, it's worth contemplating one far-fetched scenario.

When young people discover they have been lied to or deceived, over cannabis for instance, they will pardonably assume that they have been lied to or deceived over the dangers of other illegals too.

And this, to put it mildly, would be exceedingly rash.

No less importantly, how is it possible to combine staying continuously "better than well" with retaining one's sense of social and ethical responsibility to other people and life-forms?

Some of the online literature, for instance Erowid, is first-rate.

At its best, Wikipedia puts print publications to shame.

Unfortunately, a lot of web-published material isn't much more objective in content or style than the professional journals it complements.

They are too technical, diverse and futile to tackle here.

If the quality of our lives is to be significantly enhanced in the long term, then the genetically predisposed set-point of our emotional thermostats needs to be recalibrated.

Needless to say, no responsible adult would mess around with a potent neurotoxin under this description.

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