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As a COM component, it may be used from Java Script, C/C , Visual Basic, and other programming languages.

There weren't many obvious failures here: Accepting illegal characters is likely to cause the most interoperability problems of those failures. DLL processor raises issues that the OASIS/NIST tests should address, in some cases by changing the tests: It is interesting that the first issue above, regarding the constraint on unused general entities to be well-formed, may be coupled to the use of DOM as the processor API in this case.I'll be optimistic and assume that the other half of those diagnostics check out as well, so that the raw score is accurate.There are cases where this processor is rejecting documents which it should clearly be accepting.Most of the time I found the diagnostics to be quite comprehensible; this is valuable to anyone trying to use them.I probably looked at about half the negative test results, and while I found a misleading diagnostic, I didn't notice any indications of significant problems there.The processor: and do not show up in the statistics above, I will mention two other known problems with this processor, since they prevented this processor from working with XML documents I happen to have found "in the wild," on the Web.

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