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We highly recommend students apply financial aid as early as possible to allow sufficient time for a financial aid transfer. Visit this page for information on times/dates of registration. If you are unable to come to campus to register an online course, contact Admissions Office for accommodation. Doing a search at My Comm Net will provide results for courses at CT Community Colleges.Searching Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium site provides information on online courses offered at colleges throughout Connecticut, 2-year and 4-year public and private institutions. Take a class that has prerequisites, you must be able to furnish a copy of your transcript that includes both your name and the grade you earned in the prerequisite course.This can be an unofficial transcript, but it must meet the aforementioned criteria.For math and English classes or classes that have math or English prerequisites, you must take placement tests and provide your placement test scores.Visit this page to view a course list for an upcoming semester or search for online courses at Mx CC. This means that as long as you’re meeting the deadlines set by the instructor, you do not have to log on at a specific time.Do I need to log on at a certain time or on a certain day? However, some instructors ask you sign on for a chat Q&A session. Do I need to come to campus to complete activities in my online course?To enter a degree program, you must be able to furnish a copy of your high school diploma and proof of immunization for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

If you are taking a hybrid course, you are required to meet on campus based on the schedule set by your instructor.

If you have taken a credit course at Mx CC previously, you will fill out a Readmit Form. I have financial aid at another CT community college. First, you must check with the financial aid counselor at your home college making sure that they’re willing to approve the transfer.

Ask them about the procedure to transfer your financial aid to Mx CC and make sure you follow the procedure. If you are a continuing student (took classes at Mx CC in the semester immediately preceding this one), you can monitor the status on your own and, if a space becomes available, you can register online (provided you have met prerequisites for the course).

I am a Mx CC student, and I’d like to take online classes at another Connecticut Community College. You should contact the Admission’s staff at that college (host institution) first to find out what needs to be done to register an online course.

Meanwhile, you should also talk with your advisor at Mx CC making sure that the other school’s online class will transfer in to Mx CC as the type of credits you need.

You will fill out the application for admission in order to be eligible to register.

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