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The Beetles did have a sardonic relationship with their fans, so Paul's sarcastic comment that it was about John torching the place of a girl refused him was clearly hyperbole about John's skill in bedding women. Someone who can essentially seduce anyone he wants isn't going to be so upset at a frustrating evening that he torches a woman's home for not putting out. What's really important is to listen to the lyrics as sung, not as assumed.The idea that the lyrics are "So, I lit a fire..." is clearly just an urban myth--the carelessness of an early transcriber becoming the accepted reality for all eternity. I the magazine Rolling Stones, "100 greatest Beatles songs", among the first 20 songs, Lennon has 11 or 12, !Ronneberg heard Stromsheim smashing the window as he began to lay charges and when Stromsheim and Idland entered the room they were nearly shot by their own colleagues who had mistaken them for guards.The Nazis were forced to relocate their heavy water project and move their remaining supplies of the essential ingredient Potassium Oxide.

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