Not dating mixed

[Read: 15 obvious flirting signs between a guy and a girl] How to read mixed signals Mixed signals aren’t hard to read. But a flirty game of mixed signals is more insecure and unsteady than regular courtship. This is the first step in trying to end the game of mixed signals in your favor.

So if you want to enjoy the mixed signals you’re getting, don’t rush in looking for answers. Do you feel like someone’s trying to glance at you now and then, but then they completely avoid looking at you some other time?

By doing that, you’re letting this person know that you’re not a puppet and you can play the game too.

This person may ignore you for a day or two, but they’ll start sending out mixed signals before the end of the week.

But not when the one you like is blowing hot and cold with you.

Are you getting mixed signals from a guy or girl you like? But that’s only when you feel like you can’t understand what’s happening.

By switching the control of the game now and then, you’ll make this person you like try to win your affection too and you won’t be the one with a crush anyone. As frustrating as mixed signals can be, don’t ever burst out or confront the one you like.

They may be sending mixed signals, but you have no idea if this person actually likes you. As fun as the games could be, you need to ask yourself if you’re misreading the signs.

And you may just end up embarrassing yourself if no one believes you. Once you’ve started charming this person, hope for the best.If you feel like there’s something going on, the person you like should feel the same way too.When both of you have secret interactions through eyes or subtle gestures at times and then completely ignore each other at other times, you’re building up a flirty game of mixed signals.The exchanging of mixed signals could just be a silly game to pass the time. You could touch this person discreetly while walking past each other or you could sit really close to each other. But people don’t give out mixed signals just to play around.Do anything as long as you give out the sexual vibe when you’re around this person. They give out mixed signals when they’re not sure about whether they want to date you or not.If you can predict the patterns of mixed signals while attracting someone, you’ll realize that a flirty game of mixed signals can be a lot of fun.

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