Number validating a meeting

These ‘introductions’ formed a great foundation for members to find out about the VALIDATE pathogens outside their normal research area and gave rise to animated cross-pathogen and cross-discipline discussions across the next two days.

A highly efficient group photo and quick caffeine refill later, and we were into the first Networking session.

Helen highlighted that the Network is currently slightly TB-researcher dominant, something that perhaps reflects disease burden and the funding available for each pathogen worldwide.

This is something that we would like to remedy as VALIDATE grows, and members were asked to mention VALIDATE to their collaborators and research group members (especially post-docs and students) and encourage them to join the Network.

Various quantitative validation methods for rating systems and PD estimates are discussed in Section III.

The purpose is to provide a general assessment of methods that measure the discriminatory power of a rating system and the performance of the PD quantification (calibration).

The 2nd VALIDATE Annual Meeting will take place on the 6th and 7th November 2018, so save the date - more details will follow in the New Year. This was a fantastic opportunity for our members all to meet face-to-face, many of us for the first time, and we were all going to take advantage of this useful and interesting opportunity!The technical details of the quantitative methods are described in an appendix.Section IV deals with the validation of LGD estimates.She went on to explain VALIDATE in detail – our focus, expected outputs, and vision – giving everyone a chance to more fully understand what VALIDATE aims to do over its initial MRC-funded three years.An overview of our membership numbers and names revealed that we have already grown by 18 members, 3 institutes, and 1 LMIC country since our original MRC application, which was great news in such a short time.This may be especially promising for supervisory authorities that have access to internal ratings of different banks.

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