Office is updating


I accept no responsibility for your actions when editing the registry.

Use this information to help identify the issue, and contact Microsoft support for guidance on how best to resolve it.

By manually adding the key, updating started to work (as long as you are not a victim of the “Local System” issue too). You should have 1 of the following keys (just having one of them works, you don't need both).

The value should be set to the path where updates are retrieved from.

Use network monitor on the PC in question, and see what is happening under the hood.

You should see Office reach out to a URL which looks something like this one; These 2 articles are good references for verbose logging: Longer term solution: The better long term solution for this, in my opinion, is that you rather want to use “automatically detect settings”, this is for both local system account, and also for users.

To reset winhttp back, run the following command: netsh winhttp reset proxy 2 other reasons why you might receive the same error code.

If “Local System” cannot connect to the internet, you will receive this error.Use a PAC / DAT file to hold the proxy configuration for the network.This is a text file, placed on a web server on your network, which holds configuration as to which proxy server(s) to use, for which end points.We copied ours from a value in the propertybag key. Disclaimer: we haven't checked all deployments of Office Deployment Tool, so I am not sure if this value is the same for all users, countries, and versions of Office 365 Pro Plus, hence the suggestion to copy it from an existing key in your registry.The image below shows this value: : This has yet to be officially published as a bug by Microsoft, but is rather something that I found on a recent engagement with a customer.[Update: this article was updated on 15 April 2014.

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