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Hamsters are originally from warmer climates so need to be kept at a warm temperature.'I didn't know about it until a couple of years ago when I thought one of my hamsters had died but while I was saying my last goodbyes it started to show signs of life again as it had started to warm up.'I can't believe how many people are actually commenting on the post.

I think I have caused a bit of a panic, but that wasn't the intention.'Some people have been commenting and remembering their pet hamsters they have buried in the past and wondering if they buried them while they were still alive.

If you want to find casual members and need some fun you've come to the right place.

If they do go into such a state, the RSPCA suggests they should be left alone until they wake up.

Owners should also provide them with food so they can eat when they awake.

When we set up our first dating site (, it soon became clear that we weren't being sensitive enough to people's lifestyles.

We were in danger of becoming like the larger sites, thinking that "one size could fit all".

A mother posted a warning online when her daughter's 'dead' hamster came back to life after going into hibernation.

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