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You can find further details on the schools at The Schools.

The Sonnenkinderprojekt found a new cooperation partner for the operation of a webcam in the Hotel The Stiltz in Swakopmund.

Chairman Arthur Rohlfing meets the former Federal President Horst Khler at the goodbye-party of the Namibian ambassador S. This was made possible by the Sonnenkinderprojekts cooperation with the BINGO! Students of the primary school Scholen secure tuition for young Namibian.

Umweltstiftung Niedersachsen (environment protection charity). Since 2009 already the Three-Friends Primary School Scholen assume responsibility for the tuition sponsorship for a child within the Sonnenkinderprojekt of Arthur Rohlfing in Namibia.

Arthur Rohlfing, chairman of the Sonnenkinderprojekt is currently trying to raise funds for the return visit.

Shortly before the summer holidays, we received two donations.

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During this project, which is supported by the Sonnenkinderprojekt located in Schwafrden and the Bingo Environmental Foundation, the students discussed the weather and climate in Germany and Namibia as well as the climate change and its consequences both in general and in detail for Sulingen and Swakopmund.I have an especially great environment I will wear this medal with pride but also for each of you.High school students from Sulingen meet with Students in Swakopmund for a Workshop Bearing unforgettable impressions the high school students Maximilian Albers, Alexander Krause, Finn Chorus, Nina Gerkens and Josephine Schmidt just returned from a trip to Namibia with their environmental education teacher Margot Wilhelmi.In Namibia, too, climate change and environmental issues are of growing relevance.The Namib High School could be won as partner school.At the same time during calendar week 35 the Three-Friends Primary School in Scholen offered a so-called project week providing background information on Namibia.

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