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They had spent a week in Swakopmund, realizing a climate workshop together with students from the local high school.

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Upon the unanimous decision of the executive board for the cooperation, the first students could already be added to the list of sponsored children.I have an especially great environment I will wear this medal with pride but also for each of you.High school students from Sulingen meet with Students in Swakopmund for a Workshop Bearing unforgettable impressions the high school students Maximilian Albers, Alexander Krause, Finn Chorus, Nina Gerkens and Josephine Schmidt just returned from a trip to Namibia with their environmental education teacher Margot Wilhelmi.Regular communication by means of e-mail, social networks and videoconferences is planned.The German students hope that they will be able to welcome some of the Namibian students with their teacher Anja Smit in Sulingen in 2016.I havent ever read this before, you have my full respect The eulogy further acknowledged the local politic commitment of the 67-year-old who was a member of the local and borough council from 1996 through 2011.

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