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After you've got to know each other a bit on the site, move to email, and eventually to phone conversations.People will want to feel that they know you fairly well before they agree to meet a stranger face-to-face.Women especially can find that intimidating, and since there have been a few scare stories about internet dating, people can be wary.

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People have to feel it's going somewhere, and you'll have to meet up sooner or later.

This will tend to happen to men more than women, but can happen to anyone. When sending your own responses, be interested in their interests; be complimentary.

Discuss the stuff they mention in their profiles; if you like their taste in films, say so.

If you haven't done it for a while, don't worry, it's just like riding a bike.

If you're struggling for good ideas for a first date, take a look at our handy article on that very subject here.

And while you’re being honest, remember to be clear on your “non-negotiables”.

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