Oracle auto updating


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Unfortunately, a huge percentage of Web-based attacks use Java Script tricks to foist malicious software and exploits onto site visitors.

For example: When you create a new domain model, Telerik Data Access will automatically detect that a server side primary key mechanism is used.

Each time when you insert a new object runtime, Telerik Data Access will use the sequence generated ID value to maintain the object identity.

If you have an affirmative use for Java, please update to the latest version; if you’re not sure why you have Java installed, it’s high time to remove the program once and for all.

According to Oracle’s release notes, seven of the eight vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication — meaning they could be exploited over a network by malware or miscreants without the need for a username and password. Updates also should be available via the Java Control Panel or from

For example, if your entity is named TASK and the primary key property is named ID, the generated trigger and sequence will be: CREATE SEQUENCE "Seq_TASK_ID" START WITH 1 INCREMENT BY 1 NOMAXVALUE NOCACHE CREATE TRIGGER "Trg_TASK_ID" BEFORE INSERT ON "TASK" FOR EACH ROW BEGIN SELECT "Seq_TASK_ID".nextval INTO : NEW."ID" FROM dual; END ;; If you modify the Identity Mechanism of an entity from Database Server Calculated to Default and migrate your database, Telerik Data Access will generate DDL for dropping the trigger only.

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